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Welcome friends,

We are so happy that you have decided to visit this website and learn more about our outreach program.  For many years, family owned business Collier Financial has recognized a growing trend that they themselves have been experiencing: how to support the best interests of an overwhelming number of independent women in their business & community.  We have definitely seen a rise in the sheer numbers of women who have reached out to us to be a resource to them - whether that be within our existing Client base or that of new introductions.  But why?  

Let us share with you what our research suggests...

Facts to Consider...

An eye opener

Sad to say, not all life events are pleasant, and the ones that are tough to deal with have some staggering statistics linked to them.  80% of men die married and 80% of females die single.  Women are living an average of five years longer than men.  In addition, the divorce rate in this country has risen in past years to nearly 50% - a mere flip of a coin.  And guess which sex is being given the most responsibility in their "golden years"... you guessed it, women.  And the crazy part - 90% of all women will eventually be solely in charge of household finances, but only 20% feel well prepared to make wise decisions.

So you see, just based off of the numbers alone, there is a definite need for some guidance and direction on matters regarding personal and business finance, benefits, and legacy planning.  And please understand that it's not that women don't want to be involved in it, 

or that they are incapable of handling such matters - it is more of a discussion on how prepared they are to handle it all.

This is where we fit in. 


Empowering WomenToday to Live Their Best Tomorrow

Married couples - educate yourselves now!


Openly communicate as much as possible about how you can be involved in understanding how each piece of the puzzle should fit and work for you.  Are you missing any pieces of the puzzle?

Divorced? Navigate through it to the best of your abilities


No one intends from the beginning of a marriage to have it end in divorce.  We all have great expectations for that marital arrangement.  But if things do end up with this sad outcome, there are things you can do ahead of time to prepare yourself.

When the one you love most sadly passes away


Sad to say, we aren't getting any younger, and with so many entering the "vintage" years of their lives, we know that proper planning in advance = success.  How much more so does this apply to ones we love so much?